Project ‘Cyber Learning Programme for Young People and Youth Workers’

CTF Tech develops an e-learning platform under the project “Cyber Learning Programme for Young People and Youth Workers” with the support of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

CTF Tech is an Estonian company that aims to promote fun cyber education for young people. By familiarising young people with cyber topics, we are paving the way for a new cyber-savvy generation.

Project goal

The main goal of the project “Cyber Learning Programme for Young People and Youth Workers” is to provide cyber defence training for young people aged 15-21 through smart digital solutions, for which a fun and engaging e-learning platform will be developed.

The e-learning platform will be the first step in improving the accessibility of youth work and raising the cyber awareness of young people, as it will be available all year round and all over Estonia.

Project timeframe

Project eligibility period: 28 December 2021 to 29 February 2024.
The digital solutions developed from the project will be available free of charge until 28 February 2027.

Project target group and stakeholders

The project is mainly aimed at:

  • upper secondary school students in Estonia;
  • vocational high school students in Estonia; and
  • ICT teachers in schools and other youth workers in the field of ICT in Estonian local governments.

We have used the following principles in mapping the target groups in the selection process for the activities:

  • This target group has developed a great deal of interest in addition to the vital need to organise various e-operations securely. Young people in this age group are taking the first steps towards active participation in civil society and shaping their career plans for the future. The cyber learning programme supports the necessary development of this target group and the creation of preconditions (necessary knowledge, networking, etc.) for making choices later on in life.
  • Promoting the interests of young people through innovative solutions can only be done with the simultaneous involvement of youth workers/teachers in the project. Therefore, it is important that the scope of the project includes at least the same number of youth workers as young people (the so-called cyber ambassadors function).

Project activities

  1. Development of smart youth work solutions, which includes the following:
    • The development and deployment of e-learning platform technology for cyber defence in schools/vocational institutions/youth work.
    • The development of cyber defence study materials.
  2. Courses for youth workers and young people
    • Launching a programme for local government cyber ambassadors (i.e. youth workers or teachers who will coordinate cyber security training).
    • Nationwide annual cyber learning competition for young people.
  3. Information campaigns for large-scale introductions to the project in local governments, through information days and training events to introduce the e-learning platform.

Project funding

  • Cooperation programme between the countries of the European Economic Area, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. More about the programme:
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs is implementing an open application round “Smart Solutions in Youth Work” organised within the framework of the measure “Improved Wellbeing of Children and Young People” financed by the programme “Local Development and Poverty Reduction”.

Project partners

  • CybExer Technologies
  • University of Tartu Science School

Teacher/youth worker, do you wish to become a cyber ambassador?

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Together we will make Estonia cyber-savvy!

Project funding