CTF Tech Portal

CTF Tech Portal is a mission-based learning, playing and competing grounds for cybersecurity exercises, where users have to use their acquired cyber skills to collect “flags” within the provided virtual IT environment, which we provide them through our cyber range. On our cyber range the “flag” is an object, such as a file, line of code or access to a vulnerable system.


Our learning materials guide you through the topics that you need to know before you start practicing and solving challenges at the CTF Tech Portal. These materials support you throughout your journey with us and facilitate the learning process of ethical hackers. Different study modules are designed for users of different skill levels.


CTF Tech Portal provides you an excellent opportunity to improve your cyber skills by solving different practical tasks and challenges. In one way or another, the tasks are related to cyber incidents that have taken place in real life. Each task helps the player to develop their knowledge further on different cybersecurity topics (e.g. steganography, forensics, etc.).


CTF Tech Portal provides players opportunities to regularly challenge their cyber skills by competing against each other at CTF (capture-the-flag) type of competitions. Players can take part in both offline and online events, which test their cybersecurity expertise.