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CTF (Capture-The-Flag) is a mission-based learning, playing and competing portal for exercises, where participants need to use specific skills to collect cyber “flags” within the virtual IT environment provided to them via our cyber range. On a cyber range the “flag” is an object such as a file or obtaining access to a system.


Our learning materials guide you through the topics that you need to know before you actually start practicing and solving challenges at the CTF Tech Portal. These materials support you throughout your journey with us and facilitate learning process of ethical hackers. Different study modules are designed for different level users.


CTF Tech Portal provides you an excellent opportunity to upgrade your cyber skills by solving different practical tasks and challenges. In one way or another, the tasks are related to real life cyber incidents. Each task helps the player to develop his/her knowledges further on different cyber security topics (e.g. steganography, forensics, etc.).


CTF Tech Portal provides the players regular opportunities to keep the adrenaline high and compete against each other at CTF (capture-the-flag) type of competitions. There are both online and offline events that are related to Portal activities.


CTF Tech organizes and produces Capture-The-Flag-type and other cyber security events online and offline. We pride ourselves with extraordinary production quality and entertainment value combined with high quality technical challenges and industry-leading cyber range platform.

Cyber Battle of Estonia 2022

Cyber Battle of Estonia is a series of cyber security events for young people aged 15-24. 2022 is the third year when CTF Tech provides the opportunity to new cyber-smart young people to acquire their first knowledge in the field of cyber security through practical cyber courses and regional capture the flag qualifiers towards the final CTF.

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Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021

In less than a year we managed to engage about 500 students all over Estonia and teach them the basics of cyber security. 30% of them were girls and 75 of them reached the final competition held in Tartu. We held boot camps in five cities - Tartu, Tallinn, Paide, Pärnu, and Narva.

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CyberShock 2021

CyberShock is a conference organized by Cert.LV. Second-year a row CTF Tech and CybExer Technologies had the opportunity to be leading organizers of a 2-day online CTF as part of the CyberShock 2021 conference.

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CyberSpike 2021

CyberSpike is Estonian top cyber security competition for young talents in the ages of 14-24 years, organized by TalTech and supported by the Estonian Ministry of Defence. CTF Tech and CybExer Technologies had the opportunity to provide online CTF competition challenges and battlegrounds.

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Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2020

Talents from across the globe joined in this eminent UAE student hacking competition, with thrilling action and live broadcast.

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Cyber Battle of Tartu 2020

50 brave students with no prior experience in cyber security joined Cyber Battle of Tartu and became cyber warriors.

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CyberShock 2020

CyberShock is a conference organized by Cert.LV. In the year 2020 CTF Tech and CybExer Technologies had the opportunity to organize a 2-day online CTF as part of the CyberShock 2020.

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Open Battle CTF 2020

Open Battle CTF was part of the HITB Lockdown security conference, planned to be held in Amsterdam in April 2020, but moved to online due to global pandemic and travel restrictions. Open Battle CTF welcomed all players globally for a marathon event: it lasted over three days.

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Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2019

Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2019 was a grand cyber security competition and training program that included students from high schools and universities from across the United Arab Emirates. The program included a unique rapid training format Boot Camp which provided basic practical training for all the signed-up students. As the grand finale, a 2-day CTF was held part of the Cyberweek 2019 security festival with local and international student teams.

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For Universities and Schools

Learning cyber in gamified way is something that you strive for at your educational institution? We have a perfect environment for you supporting your studies and enabling students to use the same visually attractive technology that many corporations and governments use at their cyber exercises.

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For Business

Are you interested in having a gamified cyber training and/or Capture-the-Flag type of competition imitating real life cyber incidents? Our experienced team members have played and designed hundreds, maybe thousands of CTFs and are ready to meet your needs.

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What We Do

We are Estonian cyber security company who's mission is to bring young people to cyber security. We take a generation and teach them now to close the gap of cyber skills shortage. For that purpose we provide gamified cyber security training platform called CTF Tech Portal and organize Capture-the-Flag-type competitions.

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Latest news form CTF Tech

23 Feb. 2022

Try to crack the 0xFEBC0DE CTF this weekend!

CTF Challenge 0xFEBC0DE runs at portal.ctftech.io from February 25th, 2022, 4PM until February 27th, 2022, 8PM EEST UTC+2.

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19 Jan. 2022

Coming-up first CTF Challenge Coca-Cola Break the Code!

Coca-Cola Break the Code CTF runs at portal.ctftech.io from January 21st 2022 4PM until January 23rd 2022 11PM EEST UTC+2.

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30 Oct. 2021


The test-version of long-waited CTF Tech Portal is about to be out! Here you can learn, play and compete to upgrade your cyber skills. Stay tuned for upcoming new tasks and mini-CTFs.

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We are Estonian cyber security company who's mission is to bring young people to cyber security

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