Estonia Pre-Qualifier Round 2023

For the fourth year in a row, Cyber Battle of Estonia is organising a series of cyber hacking events aimed at young people aged 15-24.

The main goal is to make young people more cyber-savvy by providing them with knowledge in the cybersecurity field through practical cyber courses. We also aim to introduce how working in the cyber world looks like and what are the relevant skills and knowledge required. Cybersecurity is important everywhere!

Real-life situations are used in the regional pre-qualifier rounds and the final competition. For example a situation, where the city government needs help because malware has entered their server, paralysing all of the city’s systems from street lighting, pedestrian crossings and bicycle lanes. Or the traffic control tower needs assistance as they have been hit by a redemption claim and all data is encrypted.

Our goal is to introduce work in the cyber world and the relevant skills and knowledge required. Cyber security is important everywhere!

There are not enough good guys in the field. Get involved and become a cyber-savvy youngster!

PART I: Cyber Battle of Estonia cyber course

The series of events consists of three parts

Aimed at young people who are interested in the cyber world but have no previous exposure or experience in the field.

During the self study cyber course, our cybersecurity experts will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to work in the cyber world using a fun learning environment.

Acquire basic knowledge on the following topics: Linux Basics, Port Scanning, DNS (Name Server) and Web Server Listing, Brute-Forcing, Metasploit, Cyber Security and Cyber Wisdom, Steganography, Cryptography, Web Vulnerabilities, Security Vulnerabilities.

You will gain an insight into the minds of hackers.

PART II: Regional pre-qualifier round

The pre-qualifier round is aimed at young people who have previously completed a self study or already have the necessary skills.

The regional pre-qualifier round will take place virtually on 7 October 2023. You can participate on your own computer without leaving the house.

You can participate with team or if you don´t have it, write to use at and we help you out with team.

Based on the results, regional three-to-five member teams will be formed, who will represent their region in the final competition that will take place on 11 November 2023 in Tartu.

Special offer for girls teams. You have opportunity to solve same tasks, but compete against to other girls teams. So, register!

PART III: Final competition

The final competition of the Cyber Battle of Nordic-Baltic 2023 is similar to the superstar competition - we are looking for the next cyber superstars. Up to 100 young cyber-stars will compete in teams of three to five, from which the best team will be determined.

In addition, competitors from abroad will virtually take part in the competition. They are all competing for the same goal of solving cyber challenges and becoming a cyber superstar.

In addition, competitiors from abroad will virtually take part in the competition. They are all competing for the same goal of solving cyber challenges and becoming a cyber superstar.

And thats not it. Girls teams have opportunity to compete to other girls teams and have their own category. The best girls' team get awarded also!

The final competition will take place on 11 November 2023 in the sports building of the University of Tartu (Ujula 4, Tartu).


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