Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2020

November 18th, 2020 ONLINE

About the event

This capture-the-flag event lets students test their skills in a broad range of challenges from exploitation, network analysis, web attacks, binary analysis, reverse engineering, and more. Success favors those teams who combine technical skills with effective teamwork and strategic use of time and resources.

Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2020 Virtual Edition was hosted by Karl-Erik Taukar.

Number of teams: 15 teams
Type of the event: Capture the Flag
Events organized: Final round
Game format: Jeopardy
Challenge categories: Exploitation, Network traffic analysis, Web, Binary analysis, Reverse engineering, Digital forensics

Partners and sponsors

CybExer Technologies
Startup Estonia
KPMG Estonia
The event was part of the Cyber Week 2020


7-hour live stream offered interviews with the players, live score commentary and explanations, talks with organizers and much more.

Our team organized video-walkthroughs of couple of challenges after the event.

Live stream:

Challenge Multi-Brute:

Challenge CV:

Challenge Rootkit: