Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2019

October 13th – October 14th, 2019 at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE

About the event

Cyber Battle of the Emirates 2019 was a grand cyber security competition and training program that included students from high schools and universities from across the United Arab Emirates. The program included a unique rapid training format Boot Camp which provided basic practical training for all the signed-up students. As the grand finale, a 2-day CTF was held part of the Cyberweek 2019 security festival with local and international student teams.

Number of teams: 13 teams (4 members per team)
Type of the event: Capture the Flag
Events organized: Boot camp training in August, Pre-qualifier round in August, Final round
Game format: Jeopardy
Challenge categories: Web, Networking, Forensics, Packet capture analysis, Reverse engineering, Windows exploitation, Cryptography

Partners and sponsors

CybExer Technologies
BHC Laboratory