Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021

October 30th, 2021 at University of Tartu Sports Hall

About the event

Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021 was for all 15-21-year-olds in Estonia, who wanted to make their first great steps in cyber security.

It was a series of cyber security events – boot camp, regional capture the flag qualifier, and final competition, which took place in Tartu on October 30th, 2021, hosted by Karl-Erik Taukar and broadcasted at Telia Inspira TV.

In the year 2021, we visited 5 cities across Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Paide, Narva) with boot camps and regional CTF events and onboarded over 500 new users to the cyber talent community. We believe that it does not matter if you have little or zero experience in the field, we can give you the first knowledge and inspire you to learn new skills in the world of cyber security.

Number of teams: 15 teams on the battleground and 5 international teams who joined virtually (5 members per team)
Type of the event: Capture the Flag
Events organized: Boot camp training, Pre-qualifier round, Final round
Game format:Jeopardy. The CTF was not an average Jeopardy-style game, but an action story where the teams took the role of vigilant white hat hackers in a home, city, and airspace that was under the attacks.
CTF’S storyboard: Teams had to solve attacks in three categories – smart home, smart city, and smart airspace. They had to put their skills into good use under heavy pressure, as the story escalated from category to category where all challenges were related. Challenges, the teams needed to face were related to everyday life-supporting systems and services like – networks, smart fridges, smart mailbox, locations on a map, city lights, crosswalks, self-driving cars till the weather data, and flight plans that may affect the work at the air control unit.
Challenge categories: Web, Digital forensics, Cryptography, Steganography, Network packet capture analysis, Scripting

Partners and sponsors

CybExer Technologies
ByteLife Solutions
City of Tartu, main government sponsor
City of Tallinn
City of Pärnu
City of Paide
University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science
University of Tartu Youth Academy
SK ID Solutions
Eesti Lennuakadeemia
Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu
Bercman Technologies
Startup Estonia
Elmo Rent
Arrow ECS