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Cyber Battle of Estonia 2021

This year's Cyber Battle of Estonia registration is now open! Be quick and bring your friends.

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Cyber Battle of Estonia is for all 15-21-year olds in Estonia, who want to make their first great steps in cyber security. Agenda:

  • Signups, from May until July 25, sign up here
  • Meet and greet other participants in Discord
  • Boot Camp, August: 2-day training in 5 cities across Estonia
  • Regional CTF, end of August: qualifier competitions in 5 cities across Estonia
  • Grand Final, October 30th: top participants get to compete in the final in Tartu

Who is it for?

It's for everybody. No, seriously. Cyber Battle of Estonia is not targeted at experienced hackers. It is for making your first steps in cyber security.

If you are 15-21 years old and have been wondering what the phrase "cyber security" actually means, you should sign up. We will teach you the basics of Linux, how hackers think and work, and you will start seeing the world around you with new eyes.

Where is it held?

The Boot Camp training will be held in every city. For participation you need a PC with some simple software. If you really want to participate, but don't have a PC, ask for help from us in Discord.

  • Narva Boot Camp, 29-30 July (Narva College of the University of Tartu)
  • Pärnu Boot Camp, 2-3 August (Pärnu Central Library)
  • Tartu Boot Camp, 9-10 August (University of Tartu, Delta Centre)
  • Tallinn Boot Camp, 12-13 August (Tallinn University, Conference Centre)
  • Paide Boot Camp, 16-17 August (Paide Hillar Hanssoo Secondary School)

After Boot Camp, the best students are invited to regional CTF competitions in five cities:

  • Tallinn CTF, 23 August (Tallinn University Conference Centre)
  • Tartu CTF, 25 August (University of Tartu, Delta Centre)
  • Paide CTF, 26 August (Paide Hillar Hanssoo Secondary School)
  • Pärnu CTF, 27 August (Pärnu Central Library)
  • Narva CTF, 30 August (Narva College of the University of Tartu)

The final event is in Tartu on 30th October 2021 at the University of Tartu Sports Hall.

How much does it cost?

It's free! Generous local municipalities, partners and sponsors cover your participation fee. We can't unfortunately host unlimited number of students, so better sign up as early as possible.

In which language is the training?

The actual training and communication is in Estonian (and also in Russian in Narva).

But, as you can read from here, English is required to be successful. Not just in Cyber Battle of Estonia, but also in cyber security in general.


Boot Camp training
Regional Capture the Flag qualifiers
Final CTF event

Partners & Sponsors

  • Cybexer Technologies
  • City of Tartu, main government sponsor
  • City of Tallinn
  • City of Pärnu
  • City of Paide
  • Utilitas
  • University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science
  • University of Tartu Youth Academy
  • Telia
  • SK ID Solutions
  • Admirals
  • Samsung
  • Cisco
  • Auvetech
  • Coca-Cola
  • Lennuakadeemia
  • Thinnect
  • Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu

  • Want to see your name here?

Sign up now!

Tallinn Bootcamp and CTF Tallinn competition registration is CLOSED, we welcome you to sign-up for other cities.

Early bird gets the worm! Sign up now to get secure your name in the invitation list. Signups are open until June 30 or until free seats remain.

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  2. Create an account (or log in, if you already have an account)

What is the battle about?

Cyber Battle of Estonia is a series of cyber security events for Estonian students with all backgrounds. The core mission of Cyber Battle of Estonia is to bring new people to cyber security, help them take their first steps and get real hands-on experience.

The battle will take you through real-life situations where you will be able to do good with your new abilities. Find out who has been hacking the school? Help save the hospital from equipment failure? Stop the attackers from getting the valuables from the museum? It is up to you to make a difference.

It does not matter if you have little or zero experience in the field. Our mission is to show what it actually means to work in cyber security, what skills make you good, what aspects you will need later in life whatever your job occupation will be.

Keep your eye on this page to keep yourself updated about schdeule, registration and other relevant information.

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Marki Tihhonova-Kreek

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